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Lung inflammation, sore throat, cough. Sound familiar in 2020? 

Project Loquat offers free herbal products to those in need utilizing what's all around us. We're a  community of herbalists, chefs, and do-gooders in Austin, Texas and our muse is the Loquat tree.

PL - tincture - photo by maite aizpurua.
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The Loquat, Eriobotrya japonica, is an evergreen tree of high medicinal value that grows readily in Austin. It produces a beautiful orange fruit in springtime, and its leaves are packed with powerful plant compounds that have been used in traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years.


According to peer-reviewed literature, there is promising research to show that Loquat leaf is anti-inflammatory, antitussive, and is also antiviral. It also has a pleasant taste and goes down easy. Hence why we made it the base of our products! Our products are herbal extractions that may help symptoms like cough, lung inflammation,  and sore throat.*


Our Products


Loose Leaf Tea


Process: Foraged, washed, sanitized, dried for  ~1 week, blended, packed.

Servings: 5  (10 if you use the bags twice!)

Process: foraged, washed, sanitized, tinctured for ~6 weeks in vodka.

Servings: 30/15; 2 dropperfuls a day

Available at:

For contactless or off-hours pickup, we will arrange a pick up for you at the seed box.


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813 Springdale Road

East Austin


11 AM - 6 PM

1803 S 1st St

South Austin

9AM-9PM on weekdays,
10-7 on weekends

South Austin


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